Monday, February 2, 2009

My one week of Chinese New Year

I know I have been missing for a week plus now so I will make it up with a long long long post. You will get so sien at the end of the post.

The eve of the eve of the eve

Travelled to Penang early evening and arrived just in time for dinner. Our car usually is stacked to the brim and the back seats has no place for legs even. It was like a breath of fresh air when you are back in Penang, everyone speaks hokkien there. No Canto dialect and I can speak as freely as I like , just at home.

After dinner at a hawker stall, I was starving .. pms ma .. lunch was at 1 pm and no more food consumption during the 3 hours car ride, I got some kuih ( see la, eat some more ) and head off to grandma's house for a visit.

See, my grandma bought my mom an angku shaper thingy .. so now we can have angku kuih anytime!

Went back to first uncle's house to stay because grandma's place has too many mozzies. Eve is not coming back this year :(

The eve of the eve

The new Jusco in Seberang Prai is open so there were a bit of window shopping. On my wishlist, I have nothing urgent to buy. I have new heels, new shoes, new clothes so no wishlist liao.

Being an itchy hand lizard, I came home with two friends

Cute or not?? So cute right!! Niu year, moo moo !

This year I had my first prosperity burger! Yeah le, I so outdate la this year only first time eat that burger right?

A bit too pepperish la but it's ok. Disappointed but bah ~~ just a burger ..

Third uncle arrived and after the window shopping, I found out something that I want. I am going to save or withdraw money from my ATM or wait for the price to drop, I want Jay's EP! Two albums of MVs!! *gasp* I want!!

We had a late dinner and had some really good food, at least I did lol ..

The eve

Was such a lazy sloppy day. Everything was slow moving the whole day. Guess what I did on the eve? I pet society lol. Trading and etc. Dinner was superb and then it was time to gamble. I gamble small amount only with the little cousins. Not good to encourage small kids bad habits.

It felt nice to be in Penang on CNY eve. When the cousins have no strings attached and no nonsense technology holding us back, we depend on each other for entertaiment.

First day of CNY

Getting cleaned up and all dressed up for the annual morning gongkyo in kaikan. I put on my new white blouse and my new skirt with my new heels to head off to kaikan.

After our morning gongkyo, we were treated with several spectacular performances as a treat.

The lion dance performed by the martial art group. The lion seems a little young-ish as it did not perform any high flying performance and the flickering eye color changing thing is amusing.

Then there were little cai shen on stage , all consisting of little kids standing on stage and singing .. basically a look cute stage presence

An auntie came onstage and started karaoking ,trying to get the crowd to sing along with her but to no avail .

The group of teens doing modern dance .. slightly un coordinated ..

Soft gym boys performing minimal danger aerobic flipping and such

After the morning has passed, we visited second uncle's new home.. it was a pretty little place and guess who I saw ..

Patchy! The doggie I gave away to my cuzzin years ago .. he is still alive (yes la, i'm crazy) and clean .. and he got new friend , a kitty cat ! I miss Patchy!!

2nd day of CNY

The second day is collecting ang pow day at mom's home. I had a simple lunch at grandpa's place and sneaked home a can of wong lo kat. My wish came true too ! I had bak gua .. but I prefer the normal one rather than the spicy one.

Bak gua is actually not good but this is just once a year!

At night, we head off to grandma's house for dinner .. this is where I spent my younger days of CNY .. the whole kampung feel ..

I love this picture .. I dunno why but I just do ..!

The old yard where we used to run and play .. now is a jungle ..

Then we head off to auntie's house where I saw the bear we gave Kat. I was prepared to be cai shen and give them some Pet Society lovin but their modem was fried. We clung to each other and sob our eyes out.. yeah ..

First uncle and family are not home so we are only left with two families spending the night in the regular way, Pet societying and watching tv ..

3rd day of CNY

Tonight spending the night at grandma's place, sleeping with the mozzies .. we spend the whole day lepaking in grandma's house and the tv is rather annoying. It's only the 3rd day and they are returning the boring dumb shows.

Third uncle went back to first uncle's house and we decided to keep grandma company .. we made a little camp of mozzie net in the middle of the hall.

I like cause it's pink and it looks like a princess chamber ..

Oh, our best friend during the stay. Fried mozzies , anyone?

4th day of CNY

Today was our last full day in Penang. The brother has to rush home for assignment and such, which kinda makes me sad and pissed off. The morning was cold and refreshing, we watched a little National Geographic and then some drama came up resulting in everyone napping in the evening.

I was fairly disappointed because I didn't want my last day to be wasted. The day before, I turned down mengkuang dam walk and today I turned down going to Penang with Kat. As I said, drama.

Late evening, went over to grandpa's house for an hour or so . Tons of mozzies there and luckily grandpa also have the best racket in the world.

Deco on the way to the kitchen in grandpa's house. I was very fascinated with this when I was younger

Uncle plucking mangoes for us ..

then we head off to auntie's house for the last time before going back home tomorrow morning ..i had the penang pasembur .. one of my goal for this holiday .. check!
Me and cousin Kat .. whose new modem has problems..

I was reluctant to go back but after three hugs, I had to..

5th day of CNY

Third uncle and family are going to Penang Hill today. Fairly upset as I could not stay. Arrived home about noon .. and bought myself a Slurpee to cheer myself up ..

Spend the whole day getting used to own home again. Tomorrow should be fun. I sure hope so.

6th of CNY

Tonight we are having a little BBQ dinner! *cheers* and cousin Eve is coming ! Best of all, both of them are sleeping over. We never had anyone sleep over before!

Third uncle came home !

Our fire were up and burning .. we had chicken with sausages and nuggets ..

then we had fritters, fried rice and bihun ..

plus some longan lychee nata de coco drink ..

we retreated into the house to play word challenge and eventually the party died down at 10 pm

it was in the middle of the night when we ushered the girls to bed as the brother, uncle and baby cousin stayed up for the Man U match

The sister and Eileen's bed space... on the nice floor, cosy together ..

7th day of CNY

We woke up at 12 pm and had brunch before retreating back to the room for a movie marathon. Prom night got us screaming and covering our eyes and then we switch to a more subtle movie, What happens in Vegas.

Now my cousins have gone back home. Tomorrow's Monday. Oh dang, the whole work/busy thing starts again

It was just New Years last week!

* complete photos will be on facebook soon :)

psstt :- chapter 22 is up and going ..


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