Thursday, January 22, 2009

A 'niu' year

I'm sorry I been abanding flying tears. I'm sorry I abandoned WLJC .. gah, suppose to change layout by Jay's bday. I'm sorry I abandoned pinktulipzz, chapter 22 isn't officially out yet.

I have been mentally stressed lately. It's getting better right now as I have found my place for my internship job. Whew *wipes imaginary sweat off forehead*

At the same time , I am excited for Chinese New Year, I dunno why! Perhaps because it's the best excuse for shopping :D . My parents never say no to CNY shopping. Maybe it's because I get to change environment and this is the only time of the year when my parents won't frown upon junkies at home. Wee ..

The year of the ox. I heard there are more ox meat being sold. *zha dou*

I thought this is the year of the ox, it should be the animal to rule 2009. Bah. As long as I don't eat ox. Or frog. Nah, I don't even eat much meat.

Oh, I like lion dance but not close though. Upclose they are kinda scary but far away, they are so so adorable *squeeze* .I like how their eyes flicker and how they sit on the floor and how their tails wag and how they opened their big big mouth .. ahh !

Of course I know got people underneath la but then I just forget about it the moment I see the lion jumping up and down high beams. Makes me tear up when I see how much effort they put into the cute thing. I'm strange right? Or maybe cause I'm a Leo ..

I like how the whole CNY festival environment. I love the dong dong chiang songs because I grew up with them. I like the drums, the noise , the crackers sound but I don't like the guy with the big head mask holding that broken straw fan. Eik!!

I come from a non drinking, non gambling family, the older generation that is. So I started the gamble generation with the younger ones. Blackjack!

We will gamble our way through eve till Chap Goh Meh!

Mandarin oranges are so sweet, the smaller cuter and sweeter .. why other oranges so hard to peel ah?

Ang pow , red packets .. a tradition I must really treasure now. For those who had the idea that these are just for kids, you're wrong. Ang pow is for single people. Like me !!

Need to collect few of this because you never know when you might get married, then instead of getting money, have to give T.T and I got so many younger cousins. *pokai*

K la, end post here. Will see my cousins soon .. Gong Xi Fa Cai people !!

*dong dong dong chiang*


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