Sunday, February 8, 2009

< 3 !!!!

Okay, here are pictures of the beautiful package I bought yesterday.

The front cover of Jay. Personally I don't quite like his hair in this one.

Once open, there's the pictorial book which are shots from his MV's .. capricorn album more than on the run

A sample shot of Jay in 'hua hai'

The two DVD's containing 20 Mv's . the gold one is on the run and the red one is capricorn , if i'm not mistaken ..

Underneath it all is the necklace that Jay wore on the front cover. It was a very nice suprise :)

I haven't even remove it from the soft board yet.

There ya go! Oh, I bought this at Video Ezy for RM 99.90

expensive but worth it in a long shot ^^,


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