Wednesday, February 11, 2009

10 years and counting ..

Dear mang, XD

Happy 10th year anniversary. Can you believe it's been 10 years since I first saw you and our eyes met across the room as we walked towards each other and we known each other and became friends? To be honest, I had no idea we would have such a long term friendship. I remember how we used to fight with the boys sitting behind us, how you threaten to 'ask that guy to have sex with me' when I disturb you . You knew I just got my period back then!

I'm sorry for being all meanie and hard hearted about my NSYNC cassette (oh my, we used to have cassette back then) but it was my precious item back then. After that huge (actually, thinking about it now, it's quite tiny) fight and we separated in Standard 6, I thought that was the end. I didn't know you would call me after our UPSR result and made things up and I thought we won't see each other again.

I had no idea you were coming to Sri Aman XD and I admit, I was a little bitch in Form 1, ignoring and walking away from you but I think I grew up in Form 2 when we were placed in the same class. When you approach me once again, I thought it would be nice for us to try to settle things in peace again.

We grew close again within two years in Form 2 and 3. Remember those good old days when we sit by the side of the window and those world cup days in form 3? Good memories. When form 4 and 5 approached, we grew apart as you took art course while I took science stream minus the biology.

I remembered how miserable we were when we were selected for National Service. Back then, I felt like kicking the crotch of whoever shit who sent me the congrats sms for being selected. I went and came back with a total 180 degress change. I remember meeting you in school for our SPM result and I told you that you will love NS very much. I was right, wasn't I? =P

When I went in MMU, I had no idea at all that you were right there in the same course. We didn't talk about it, there were millions (well, I doubt there are millons) other uni / college in Malaysia but we ended up there together again.

We pulled the gap close again and spend time talking/complaining/bitching/laughing at everything. We talked about our dirty little secrets and anything under the roof. Of course, there were times when we fight or get annoyed with each other but even the desert would have rain pouring down once in a while, it's only normal for a friendship to have holes and bumpy roads.

It helps more that we are living merely 5 minutes from each other. It's extraordinary though we been friends for so long, we only camwhore together ONCE and I stepped into your house only last year and we have our first movie only last weekend XD.

So here's to another 50 years *clink imaginary champagne glass* by then we would be 72. Vow that our future jobs and life would not interfere with our friendship. We'll see who gets married first, gets a kid first, who gets the first wrinkle and whose hair would turn white. I bet yours will!

Sincerely signed , Ping


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