Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Updated - a week into January

The brother has been sick , the mother has been sick and I have been doing house chores. The mother is simply yelling at me at every procrastination I did and I have to grit my teeth to answer back. Chores are not my number one hobby and procrastination is my nature. The sister had gone back to school and my license is just as good as non existant.

I have been applying for internship and somehow it made me sleepless at night, tossing and turning and dreaming about applying for a job in bars or something like that.

Therefore there has been lousy meals and such but the lousiest would have to be yesterday's lunch. Why? Cause I cooked!

I had some overnight rice and I decided to fry some rice for my own lunch until I discovered the rice got too dry and the oil way too much. I was biting on crunchy bits no longer known as rice. Yucks! Conclusion :- don't put too much oil

The only upside of the week right now is I have the books to read. Nyam! Ok, wrong expression but yum!

I have a toothache too since last year. Sound so severe right when last year was just a week ago.

I am so looking forward for interviews and getting wasted tipsy this Saturday night. I been so sober for the past two years. Heh, I sound like alcoholic right. No way.

Also this Sunday k session with two mei mei. Cheeky girls came and surprised me in MMU on the day of the presentation. My day was brighten with their arrival :)

I still need to shop and luckily I had stash away some cash for my spree

Wishlist once again :-
* Denim skirt
* Clothes
* Eyelashes
* Shoes

Oh well, sick of being online now. I wanna sit with my Kirsty Scott book and have a good read.


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