Monday, January 5, 2009

Shop - hop

Last week during the one Monday break, we went to KL .. I haven't been to KL for a long time .. and everywhere I turn , I see Starbucks *slurp* but save money, save money .. for Chinese New Year shopping ..

Sunway duck was lost .. far away from Sunway Lagoon ..

and nearing nightfall, you can see silver man..

Who is silver man? Well, he is a street show person who sits in front of Lot 10 mall .. and he .. just sits .. very very still .. while people pose with him and fill his cup with money ..

Although it was pretty amazing that he sat so still .. he was not the center of my attention ..

he was ! right there beside the Bukit Bintang monorail station .. perfect place to promote the watch and Jay .. every tourist, every one can see the handsome Asia king ..

Dinner at Jalan Alor was like heaven street for food lovers although I was not a fan of the narrow roads ..

I forgot what shop we dine in but it was the first one ..

Keow teow fried .. yummy ..

Fried carrot cake .. look so delicious

The brother's fried rice ..

The price there was slightly more than the normal hawkers but then what do you expect , it's KL

My day was fruitful though with three new tops .. and also a bottle of coke ..

reeling to the present ..

Yesterday I went to Amcorp for Book Xcess store and get some books .. I spent nearly RM 150 on books there ...

*love love*

my wishlist :-

* more clothes
* shoes [ heels , boot or sneakers ]
* denim skirt


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