Tuesday, February 17, 2009

-- The wedding game --

Last weekend, for Valentine I watched 'The wedding game', a Singaporean movie by Jack Neo. I had an interest to catch this movie as Singapore movies had always kept me interested with the antics and the colourful language of various Chinese dialects.

On the other hand, it was the curiousity of watching the collabration of Fann Wong and Christopher Lee as I had watched them separately on different movies/ tv shows.

Basically the movie starts with Jack Fong (Chris Lee) proposing to his girlfriend Vikki Tse (Fann Wong) in public. The only catch, behind the cameras and gossip magazines these two can't stand the sight of each other. The comedy unfolds as their secret grips on the edge of being exposed, right to the extend that their managers had to execute plan B.

Accompanied by her gay manager and his lusty horny manager, this movie was packed with little silly antics and little sex tease from time to time. I couldn't help it but to think that they were poking a little fun from Edison Chen's sex scandal, especially in the beginning.

Although the ending was sort of cliche but the unfolding of the whole story was quite climatic to the end. There's also a short appearance from Malaysia's Senario Saiful Apek who played Vikki's neighbour back at home.

Kissing in front of the camera and killing each other behind it was such a comical act.

On the other note, Fann and Chris look pretty good together :)

My rating :- 7/10 would watch again but the development of the story was too rushed


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